Thursday, October 27, 2016

Military inspired trend - how to

Military look is all the rage now,from simple details to full on straight out of army looks - for this post i decided to present you how you can wear this trend in original,fun and stylish way for this fall - winter season ,so be inspired.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Andrew GN - Paris Fashion Week 2017

Andrew served some southern belle punk - see this great collection here!

Balmain - Paris Fashion Week Spring 2017

Balmain brought some tough futuristic military sexy rich lady  look for this spring - why am i calling it this way,well because it looks like something a high born  character from star wars would wear,and that is not a bad thing atall,atleast when Balmain does it apparantly.

See here first

Friday, October 14, 2016

Are you looking for great fashion inspiration ? Would you like to follow people with great sense of style? Do you wonder wich bloggers are at the top of blogger comunity right now? Well here you can find whatever you need !