Sunday, November 27, 2016

Style Star : Jessica Alba

Enchanting Alba has interesting style ,worthy of our time - in her free time she likes to go super casual and smart ,on red carrpet and various apperances Alba stops the time with her fashion combinations - allways on point and allways looking classy yet fun.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

How to dress up as European women

When it comes to world of fashion and style of its inhabitants  Europ is famous for it - there are so many countries in Europe and each and every one of them has contributed to fashion and styles we love all over the world now .

It would be a sin to lump all European style in couple of words .

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Refresh your look with nose ring

If you want to look fresh and young you should experiment a little bit with jewlery,and maybe the best option is unconventional one - you dont have to go all goth,punk or rock ...or hippie ,to rock nose ring,you can be classy ,sporty,fancy,earthy ,you can be whatever you want and rock it! 

And If you are not a fan of peircing your skin  and this seems like the end of the world for you because you are afraid of not being able to hop on the trendy fun jewlery band wagon,do not fret,you can find ''fake'' nose rings for wich you dont have to peirce your nose -  almost everywhere!

See here some inspiering pics

Kylie Jenners blonde is #goals

Kylie Jenner is just 19 and allready a game changer in beauty industry - from her succesfull make up line to her hairstyles becoming INSTANT trend,this young girl knows how to make and keep people interested.

Not long ago Kylie has decided to refresh her looks by reaching for some lighter hair dye,as she is no stranger to going that route with her constant makeovers,she was not afraid  - as she explained in one of her snaps ,her wish was to go ''honey blonde'' instead Kylie got that platinum Blonde barbie color,and i absolutly LOVE IT.

Have a look at Kylies Platinum Blonde hair and how she styles it , i just gotta use this hashtag once again  ,its #goals

A Story Of Designer : Tommy Hilfiger

All American designer best known for his lifstyle brand corporation - his clothes breathe beauty and youth and preppy sportivity and his life story is quite interesting itself.

Tommy started his fashion career with opening a chain of fashion and record stores in upstate New York (1970s)  - He firstly designed preppy menswear for his first line in 1980s,later expanding his company in to womenswear - see his life story here .