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Cellulite : problem and solution

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Boho Chic for summer

There is no summery style more recognizable than Boho chic ! Layers of flowy fabric made up from different textures and prints . Simply perfect for summer is it not?

Jewllery summer 2017 trend : Charm necklaces

Charm necklaces are romantic and femenine accessory that just made its return to fashion scene big time. 
 See why i think they are prfect trend for summer 2017 

Trends to AVOID this summer

Some trends are go to ,while some trends should be avoided at all cost .

In this blog post find out wich trends you should not fall for this summer  and why.

Road to personal style

You have probably heard that word numerous times through your life - people mention it all the time atleast on tv and in magazines. And you have probably wondered about your own personal style and found yourself confused with how to define it, .

In this blog post we will try to explain what personal style is,and how to attain one yourself .

Jewllery trend for summer 2017 : Ankle bracelet

Period when we wear shorts and short skirts....well shorter clothes in general ,is perfect period to flaunt our ankle jewllery game ! Oh yes,ankle bracelets are back in style and jump on the vagon while it didnt become mainstream yet, be the trendsetter!

Swimsuit trends for summer 2017

Finally summer has arrived,and with it summer vacations. Most of us have decided to spend our vacation time  next to the warm sea,lake or pools  , somwhere in the world far from home or right next to it; it dosent matter where you are as long as you are dressed to impress,isnt that right my fashionistas?

In this blog post we are going to go through the trendiest styles of this seasons bathing suits,so you would know girls. Just because you are underwater dosent mean you should look outdated.